Wednesday 19 November 2008

Months speeding by to Fast

Is it me or do the days - weeks - months seem to be speeding by way to fast, I can't keep up! and I though crafts are supposed to make you relaxed and slow down..... maybe that's why I am always working on several different projects at the same time and I'm still waiting for the slowing down effect to kick in.
I finished this lapghan last week with some of the yarn I bought in the John Lewis summer sale. I am now planning to make some more larger projects and destash a bit. Well at the speed the months are going by it will be the January sales soon and if I have not used the yarn from the summer (not forgetting the Alexandra Palace Knit & Stitch Shows and last January's sale stuff) I am not going to buy any more yarn, so I had better get my paws moving faster.

Tuesday 11 November 2008

2nd Year Blogoversary

Today is my 2nd year blogoversary and I can't believe how quickly the 2 years have passed. As with last year I hope to post a lot more (something always gets in the way of me posting more but I will try harder) and continue to chat to lots of nice people along the way.