Saturday 18 October 2008

Mini Pumpkins

Rnd – Round
St – Stitch
Sts – Stitches
Dc (UK)/ Sc (USA) – Double Crochet (UK)/ Single Crochet (USA)
Sl st – Slip stitch
Ch – Chain
Dec - Decrease

Double knit/ worsted weight yarn used in Orange and Green
Hook appropriate to yarn used
Polyester toy stuffing, Polyfil or scraps of yarn
Each mini pumpkin needs 2 eyes, I used toy eyes (you can also use buttons or embroider eyes on)

Pattern: Using orange yarn
Rnd 1: Ch 2, 6 dc (UK)/ 6 sc (USA) into 2nd ch from the hook (the 1st ch that was made), join with a sl st to top the 1st dc (UK)/ 1st sc (USA), 1 ch (you should now have 6 sts)

Rnd 2: 2 dc (UK)/ 2sc (USA) into each st all round (12 sts)

Rnd 3: 1 dc (UK)/ 1 sc (USA) into each st all round (12 sts)

Rnds 4 & 5: as row 3

Rnd 6: [dec 1 dc (UK)/ 1 sc (USA) over next 2 sts] 6 times (6 sts)

If using toy eyes add now.

Add wadding or scraps of yarn to stuff
Rnd 7: Using green yarn 1 dc (UK)/ 1 sc (USA) into each st (6 sts)
Rnd 8: as round 7

Cut yarn and pull through top of stalk to join, push in any unwanted strands of yarn to stuff. I left the green strands out to use as ties to attach the mini pumpkins to things. You could use end strands to make a chain loop, or hide the strands and display the mini pumpkins on a table or in a sweet (candy) bowl.

Ideas for use:
Earrings, on scarves, curtains etc. instead of pompoms, make some with eyes & some without mix together and hang in window or door frame, tie a present and add a single mini pumpkin.

I would love to know what you do with your mini pumpkins please let me know :)

ORIGINAL PATTERN BY Michelle Ryan © 2006
For personal use only

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Friday 17 October 2008

A surprise present

My brother bought me a surprise present. He knows I love making things so he bought me The Gakken SX-150 it is a little analog synthesizer kit which comes packaged with a magazine/ book on synthesizers (lots of pics of vintage analog pieces in it, wish I could read Japanese)

As soon as I could get my paws on it, it was out of the packing and quickly put together (it is very easy and quick to put together about 5 minutes max). I love it.

Here's the finished item, it has its own speaker and a outlet for an external one, which I will try later. A little pen runs along the slider to make noises with lots of buttons to play with. The crochet & knitting designs will have to wait for a while.

Thursday 16 October 2008

The Knitting and Stitch Show 2008

Last weekend was the Knitting and Stitch Show at Alexandra Palace. It was a good show, lots of interesting yarns (Here's a few purchases)

Displays of the UK Hyperbolic crochet reef

Giant Knitting Needles (not sure what or why they were there but they looked good)

and a giant tea bag (celebrating 100 years of teabags, again not sure why at the show, but also looked interesting & big)
We had lunch outside, it was so hot more like the summer (which never happened this year) we even eat ice cream to cool down. A good day spent with friends and yarn.