Saturday 29 December 2007


The bag is progressing. I have had very little time to crochet over Christmas so these motifs have been a good project as I can make one whenever I have a spare 10 minutes.
Plus I went to the sales and managed not to go mad this year (more lack of cash than self control) I bought 4 Rowan big wool balls which will be a cabled knitted scarf and 5 balls of Debbie Bliss alpaca silk aran which is so soft I may just hold and stroke this yarn its so nice :)

Wednesday 26 December 2007

Family tradition

Now Christmas is over we have a tradition in our family, my father makes his turkey soup. He cooks the turkeys bones in some stock, drains the liquid and adds any turkey meat pieces that are left over from Christmas day (not much with us) along with chunky cut carrots, parsnips, turnip, potatoes, onions (he loves lots of onions), herbs and mini pasta and makes an excellent soup. Everyone looks forward to his turkey soup.

Tuesday 18 December 2007

Hamleys window

While out shopping I walked past Hamleys toy store, which had lots of people looking at their window display.
This is what they were looking at, life sized figures and a large range of Dr Who toys.
I loved Dr Who when I was young and to be truthful will be watching the Christmas day special with the rest of the family eating our Christmas dinner :)

Saturday 15 December 2007

How many projects is to many?

I have been working on lots of different projects lately, not getting enough time to blog as I would like, so I will put up snippet's of my current items - A beaded pink kidsilk night shawl. Ok its the yarn and beads I am using, I don't want anyone to see the finished item before they should..........
A diamond motif bag.
A sparkly shrug type thing (again only one of the yarns used to make it).
And a cabled scarf, hat and bag are just a few projects (more yarn but it is on the needles). They are all in pieces and at different stages. I will post items as they are (hopefully) finished.
Now just need to find time to write the Christmas cards & post them, buy some presents and clean the house. Or just crochet a bit more ..........

Monday 26 November 2007

Problem with been 5 foot 2

Heads, heads and more heads that's what I see when I go to a club to enjoy music, I could wear my high heels but than my feet would hurt from the standing and dancing, not forgetting the wait outside to get in.
But I can't complain the music, atmosphere and lights were excellent and a much needed night out. Somethings you need to do something different (non yarn related) to recharge your batteries.

Sunday 11 November 2007

Blog Birthday

Yippeee I just noticed its my 1st year Blog Birthday.

Happy Blog Birthday to me

How did the year go so fast?.

Saturday 10 November 2007

Knitting and Crochet Guilds London Meeting

Today was the Knitting and Crochet Guilds London Meeting. We had 18 people (including myself) which was an excellent turn out as there was another large knitting event on today.

The room was big with plenty of space and the large windows let in lots of light. Everyone was really nice and friendly. We went thought lots of stitches (sorry if anyone is having stitch overload now).

I was impressed how quickly everyone picked up the stitches. We also experimented with bobbles and double ended hooks. People helped and discussed the techniques with each other, its great to meet and share ideas.

Jeanie Carter wearing her Tunisian crocheted waistcoat with crocheted surface decoration she designed called "Kerry Stones" Jeanie also brought in some excellent samples of Tunisian crochet to show the group. As did Eleanor Slingsby and Marjorie Needham. I love seeing other people crochet (knitting, beading anything crafty I like looking at it)

At the end of the meeting Marjorie Needham demonstrated how to crochet around a recycled deodorant ball and turn them into Christmas decorations (all her own designs) including the double filet waistcoat she is wearing.

It was a excellent day with lots of talented, creative, friendly people and I enjoyed meeting and chatting to everyone.

Thursday 8 November 2007

A Tunisian Crochet Beaded Bracelet

I bought a selection of balls of hemp yarn in the summer and I kept looking at them, thinking what can I make. I liked the colours and I also had a few bags of matching beads, so here's my first play. A Tunisian crochet beaded bracelet, it used nearly a whole ball, only 13 balls left eeekk!

Saturday 3 November 2007

Tunisian crochet

I am teaching tunisian crochet (also know as afghan crochet) on 10th November for the London group of knitting and crochet guild.
So I have been playing for the pass few weeks thinking about tunisian crochet and how much I really like it. I like the fabric and find it very quick to make up.
The scarf (the pink yarn) is a combination of filet crochet and tunisian crochet. I like mixing and matching technques and plan to make more patterned filet tunisian crochet scarves.
The fingerless glove (also tunisian) is part of a booklet I am writing, I hope to have a dozen fingerless glove patterns in it, knitting & crochet.

Tuesday 16 October 2007

The Knitting and Stitching Show

I went to the The Knitting and Stitching Show in Alexandra Palace on Saturday. This year instead of card making and the many other non knitty and stitchy crafts they normally have, there was supplier stands with lots and lots of nice yarns. All variety of fibres.... silks, alpaca, wools, cottons.... in a rainbow of colours even hand-dyed yarns.

I bought a few bargain yarns :) from different sellers

and a book from the nice Sockopus lady, she wraps everyones purchases so nicely and added a stitch marker to each package. I don't want to spoil the package by opening it :)

Monday 1 October 2007

John Foxx and Tiny Colour Movies

Went to a really good concert on Saturday at The ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) John Foxx played two shows.
The first half John played his newly composed soundtracks to Tiny Colour Movies which was shown onscreen as he played. The film is found fragments of Super 8 film from a collection of Arnold Weizcs-Bryant, it was very interesting not what I was expecting. I really enjoyed it and could have listened and watched hours more. John even answered questions about the film and his music after the session.
Than the second half was his 1980 debut album Metamatic (my teenage bedroom music) it was excellent. A great night out.

Saturday 22 September 2007

Can ring pulls/ Soda can tabs

I have been collecting (and lots of friends, thank you keep collecting I still need more) fizzy drink can pulls (soda can tabs) since last year. Just about the same time most people I know decided to go on a health kick and not drink anymore fizzy drinks and I must confess to not drinking that many fizzy drinks myself :o

I used to make stuff with the can pulls/ tabs in the 80's when I was a fashion student, bags and jewellery mainly. I found some of my designs and notes last year from that era and as I have been in a recycle mode (with the carrier bags) decided to redesign and have a play remaking things. I have made a belt, bracelets, a few bags some coasters most are WIP's

This is one of the bracelets made with crocheted ribbon and the ring pulls/can tabs, I'll post more as I progress and hope to add a new section on the website in the next few months.

Friday 21 September 2007


Yesterday I got my invite to join Ravelry and I'm now a member (I've been waiting on the list since July) The site is huge and the membership is growing everyday. If you're there come and look me up on I have only one friend (very good friend) there so far :( come join me
If you're not signed up yet, join it's excellent Ravelry

Monday 17 September 2007

Heath and safety gone mad

A hospital has had to remove a box of wool and knitting needles which visitors and patients used to knit squares for charities while waiting for treatment, helping them pass the time and I would add helping their stress levels.. It was a popular pass time for three years without injuries or complaints until now :(

Full article:

Tuesday 4 September 2007

International Jewellery London 2007

Yesterday I was at a trade only jewellery show - International Jewellery London 2007 This is the part of working I like, remembered to wear my softer shoes too this year, but my feet are still hurting today. It has exhibitors from all over the globe, this year there was a whole section of Jewellery makers and suppliers from Hong Kong. The show had large companies to small independent sellers. All the latest trends and developments can be seen here. From cheap and cheerful to super priced diamond pieces (I just looked at them eyes wide) The show has the jewellery that will be selling in shops in the coming months. The popular, must have items that were been offered by a number of different suppliers were enamelled silver charms, to buy fully made or in component pieces to create individual bracelets and necklaces. The charm bracelet is evolving. There were lots and lots of large murano glass pieces, I noticed many had beaded bails and were on small glass beaded necklaces. Leather, organza ribbon, satin with silver clasps to hang pendants on instead of just a chain. The murano glass was also mixed with silver beads again complimenting the charm bracelet look. Smaller crystals were made into flower and butterfly shaped brooches and pendents. Lots of sterling silver covered with gold plate, last year silver metals were dominant, this year sees gold tones making a comeback (but I think silver will remain popular for some time yet). Jewellers/ makers are experimenting introducing new materials into jewellery. Several sellers had Vegetable ivory pieces, made from a nut sliced and dyed. Worse thing I saw was colourful very cute furry flower brooches when I asked what they were made of --------to my horror ........they said....... chinchilla (aka. large furry nezumi's)

Sunday 2 September 2007


EEEEEkkkkkk I finished making all the pieces for the Amineko (neko means cat in Japanese) the arms, legs and tail are pinned in place and just need sewing. I usually design & make my own patterns but, I bought the book a couple of years ago (its excellent) and the cat was soo cute. I have been planning on making him ever since. I was looking at sites online last week and found the pattern in English (the book is in Japanese, but is very easy to follow). I thought I must make him now and was going to a crochet meet-up last Thursday so started him then. The pattern in English is available at copyrighted and designed by Nekoyama
I gave him a crochet hook, I think it suits him. He looks sort of sad but also sort of peaceful.

Thursday 30 August 2007

Hehehe I am a meez

I was playing on making an animated "me" knitting, they don't have a crochet option. It's very strange how you can spend time on the computer dressing an animated person and find you forgot you only turned the computer on to read your emails and do some paperwork (I still need to do the paperwork!).
If you go to meez to make a animated "you" please put in "nezumiworld" as recommending you and you and I will get credits (not real money, play money to use for buying knitting needles for your animated friend) go to save it and create an account before playing with your person or you will lose all your work as you need to open a free account first (mmm... )

Tuesday 28 August 2007

Roasted Veg Panini

This weekend was a bank holiday here in the UK. We had nice warm weather, great for all the Nottinghill Carnival goers, The carnival runs along the bottom of my street and I can sometimes hear the music, plus usually my neighbours all have parties and barbecues with lots of music too. I always hope that the weather will be good for the children's day (always a Sunday) They put so much work into their customs and are super happy, dancing and smiling. The helicopters fly around all day and most of the night keeping a eye out for any trouble makers (there's always someone who wants to spoil the fun for everyone else).

This is my dad relaxing in the garden listening to the music eating pan fried veg panini with salad with the "your putting this on your blog look!"
Pan fried vegetables on panini rolls

1 yellow pepper cut into slices (you can use any combination of colour peppers ie. green & red)

1 orange pepper cut into slices

1 Medium red onion cut into slices (white & yellow onions can also be used)

Large handful cherry tomatoes (you can use any tomatoes you want just cut small)
1 4oz round mozzarella cheese drained and torn into pieces
Oregano or basil leaves torn up (small)
A garlic clove (you can leave this out if you don't like garlic)
3 -4 panini bread rolls cut into 2
2 teaspoons olive oil
seasoning (of choice)

Put the oil & garlic in a large frying pan and heat.
Add the peppers, onions and tomatoes cook for approx. 5 minutes. On your grill tray place the panini roll halves Divide the mixture over rolls. Sprinkle the oregano on top of the mixture. Next divide the mozzarella cheese and add on top of the mixture. Add any seasoning if required. Grill until the cheese bubble and is browned. Serve with a leafy salad. and enjoy.

You can add other vegetables if you wish ie. courgette, aubergine, spinach

Monday 20 August 2007

Joining Granny Squares

I made this little video (its about 20 seconds long and has no sound) about two years ago and just located the file on my computer. So many people ask me how to join granny squares, this is an extra quick method using double crochet(UK)/ single crochet(USA).
Place two squares together with right sides or wrong sides facing depending on if you want the ridge on the inside or outside of your finished item.
If you want the ridge on the outside (place wrong sides/ back of squares together) or for the ridge on the inside (place right sides/ front of squares together). You can use the same colours as your granny squares or a contrast colour and go through both squares and make a double crochet(UK)/ single crochet(USA) into each stitch when you get to a space or corner make 2 double crochets(UK)/ single crochets(USA).
Join the squares into lengths first, than join the lengths together.

For granny square instructions with UK crochet terms goto
For granny square instructions with USA crochet terms goto
For granny square with a diagram using crochet symbols plus instruction on how to make granny square wire earrings goto

Saturday 11 August 2007


Why did cats like yarn?

Were they knitters/ crocheters in a past life?

Today I sat outside in the shade to do a little crochet, as it was nice and warm, but all the the time I was been spied on by my neighbours cute cat. He often looks down and watches as if he is supervising the stitches. Sometimes even jumping quietly down from the roof next to me to get a closer look.

Monday 30 July 2007


Before felting and after pics

I am into felting at the moment knitted and crocheted here are some of the current items I have been making.

knitted and crocheted felting drying in the sun

Wednesday 11 July 2007

Play time

I bought some really nice yarn in the John Lewis sale and could not resist playing with it. So far I have only made a few motifs (joined them as I crocheted) I am not sure yet what the finished item will be or look like, but I think I may also attach some knitting (maybe knitted lace).