Saturday 26 July 2008

Clover Felting Tools

I have been playing with my new needle felting tools. I have a wooden felting pen but this plastic one is very lightweight and hand friendly. I used biscuit (cookie) cutters before to needle felt but always onto another piece of fabric or felt, using the brush mat thing made it easy to make the shape (I bought the plastic shape maker which is very good, but I will still also use my biscuit/ cookie cutters) and than just peel off.

Joining the pieces was easy again placing them on the mat and another new tool (used in the 3rd photo) to hold the pieces without stabbing myself (always a bonus) or breaking the needles.

And one finished flower, I will add a brooch back. Good results and very easy.

Friday 25 July 2008

Crochet meet up at Camellia Sinensis Tea Shop

Yesterday I went to the crochet meet-up at Camellia Sinensis Tea Shop in Kingly Court off Carnaby Street. It was helda's birthday (a great friend and the group organiser) so it was a lovely place to celebrate with her and other members of the group.
The shop has a large variety of teas, black, green, white and every herbal tea you can think of, all served in decorative teapots and cups (with saucers). A nice selection of cakes and savouries were also available (I may have eaten a large piece of Victoria Sponge in between crocheting) . Plus its only a few footsteps away from All the fun of the fair, with their bargain bin (does sale yarn count as spending or saving money?) I also got some niffy felting bits (clover brand) I will have a play with them later today :)

Thursday 17 July 2008

Felting and Embroidery

Just finished teaching a two day felting and embroidery class (my last class until the end of summer eeekkk time for designing and updating nezumiworld Oooo and paperwork from all the years courses........)
I love all types of felting whether its crocheted, knitted or from fibre, the course was using the fibre methods soft merino wool tops. It was great fun and as it was over two days it was so nice embroidering and adding beads & sequins to enhance the felt made on the first day. Everyone made lots pieces. Here's some of the photos of the students work :)