Wednesday 29 April 2009


I went to the Hammersmith Apollo on Friday night to see the Ultravox concert they are back together again. The music and atmosphere were excellent, I totally enjoyed it.
The last time I saw Ultravox it was the same venue but it had a different name "The Hammersmith Odeon". I was still at school and it was 25 years ago!!! ahhhhhh where do the years go.....

Sunday 19 April 2009

Mermaid Chart

Because so many people have emailed me about the mermaid chart and making it a pdf file, I have listened and added it to ravelry (find me there also as NezumiWorld)

Tuesday 7 April 2009

Old magazine

I collect old crochet and knitting magazines 1900's-1930's I love them, they combine knit, crochet, tatting, lace & embroidery, mixing and matching techniques with beautiful results. If they could make a cover for something or decorate an item they did, my favourite is the candle shades beautiful laces but, I wonder how many went up in flames eeekk!. The magazines have become harder to get hold of in the last few years, plus the price for many is getting to high (for my income anyway).
I have been trying to find out something about these wonderful designers for many years with little luck, Emma Farnes (love her designs),
Marie Antoinette Hees, Sophie T. Lacroix, Anna Valeire their work appears in some of the Novelty Art Studios magazines also. If anyone knows of any details about these designers, websites etc. please let me know.

Monday 6 April 2009

Ginger Squirrel

I was just about to chop up this piece of ginger when a family member said "why are you chopping up a squirrel" I had not noticed the shape until then. So I photoed it to share here, what do you think of my squirrel shaped ginger?

Wednesday 1 April 2009

Easy Hand Exercise for crocheters and knitters (OK everyone who owns a wool of yarn)

I get asked a lot about painful hands when crocheting and knitting, I am not an expert and would always recommend going to a doctor when in pain to see whats causing it, but I know there are lots of things you can do to help yourself
I do try to follow these suggestions as I have osteoarthritis but if something feels wrong to you stop, remember one of the main reasons for crocheters and knitters getting hand pain is over doing it, so
1. Pace yourself.
2. Sit correctly, putting a cushion in the lower back to give support if needed (OK you say pain in hands not back, but if you sit correctly it helps support your whole body i.e. hands connected to arms to shoulders to back)
3. Use a bamboo or wood hook/needle (I find wood better than bamboo, but very expensive so only buy the size needed for the project I am making), this may seem like an expensive but how many years will that hook/ needle last you and how many hours will you use it.
4.Take breaks and do a hand exercise every hour, get the blood flowing back to your fingers (there a quick exercise I do and have added below). Don't think just one more row.... there's always one more have a tea, coffee, water and stand up, even for 5 minutes.
5. Hand supports for arthritis, hand pain (like handeze support gloves) are good to use when crochet/ knitting but remember to take them off as they will weaken your hands if worn when when not needed.

Super Easy Hand exercise

Take a ball of yarn (can use the one you are working on) and squeeze tight for 10 seconds

Let go
Repeat 2 more times
Visit NezumiWorld Hand Exercise page for a count-along image