Saturday 29 December 2007


The bag is progressing. I have had very little time to crochet over Christmas so these motifs have been a good project as I can make one whenever I have a spare 10 minutes.
Plus I went to the sales and managed not to go mad this year (more lack of cash than self control) I bought 4 Rowan big wool balls which will be a cabled knitted scarf and 5 balls of Debbie Bliss alpaca silk aran which is so soft I may just hold and stroke this yarn its so nice :)

Wednesday 26 December 2007

Family tradition

Now Christmas is over we have a tradition in our family, my father makes his turkey soup. He cooks the turkeys bones in some stock, drains the liquid and adds any turkey meat pieces that are left over from Christmas day (not much with us) along with chunky cut carrots, parsnips, turnip, potatoes, onions (he loves lots of onions), herbs and mini pasta and makes an excellent soup. Everyone looks forward to his turkey soup.

Tuesday 18 December 2007

Hamleys window

While out shopping I walked past Hamleys toy store, which had lots of people looking at their window display.
This is what they were looking at, life sized figures and a large range of Dr Who toys.
I loved Dr Who when I was young and to be truthful will be watching the Christmas day special with the rest of the family eating our Christmas dinner :)

Saturday 15 December 2007

How many projects is to many?

I have been working on lots of different projects lately, not getting enough time to blog as I would like, so I will put up snippet's of my current items - A beaded pink kidsilk night shawl. Ok its the yarn and beads I am using, I don't want anyone to see the finished item before they should..........
A diamond motif bag.
A sparkly shrug type thing (again only one of the yarns used to make it).
And a cabled scarf, hat and bag are just a few projects (more yarn but it is on the needles). They are all in pieces and at different stages. I will post items as they are (hopefully) finished.
Now just need to find time to write the Christmas cards & post them, buy some presents and clean the house. Or just crochet a bit more ..........