Saturday 14 August 2010

Ladybird Dance

To match the "Here come the Bee's" and the "Butterfly Dance" chart I have added another new chart "Ladybird Dance" check out  NezumiWorld for more charts, patterns, stitches and much more.

Friday 13 August 2010

Knit Nation

I had an excellent day out with a good friend a couple of weeks ago at the Knit Nation event. It was held at Imperial College London, which was a great setting for it. The grounds were nice at lunch time to relax in and look at mid-day purchases. 
We don't attend any of the large array of workshops, but spent the day shopping in the market place. Here's some of the goodies I bought.
Denise Crochet Interchangables
Tunisian crochet with the Babylonglegs yarn
I have been waiting to buy the Denise interchangeable crochet hook pack for ages, I have the interchangeable needle pack with the extension kit now I have the complete set so am planning on making extra large blankets . I had to try them as soon as I got home and made a small Tunisian crochet necklet scarf with one of the skeins of hand-dyed yarn I bought from Babylongleg. I like the feel of the hook and how it grasps the yarn. The fact I can adjust the size of the cord for small projects or join lots of cords together for extra large projects is good, plus I got some extra hooks for double ended Tunisian, this set will be well used.
I was suprised to find Kumihimo Braiding kits and bought a plate, disk & a braiding book, the very nice author Helen Deigham was there and also signed our books for us, she was so friendly and knowledgeable to talk with. I have been braiding with wire and beads for many years but always make homemade card plates, it is so nice to use this lightweight foam plate and disk set.
I don't go mad buying yarn, I think I have more than enough but this supersoft 80% Baby Alpaca & 20% Silk laceweight yarn from was such a good price and the colour is so rich (plus do bargains count as spending or saving .......).  Again I had to buy the Lang - Magic from Brownberry Yarns the price and colour was to much of a bargain to miss and they put a parma violet sweet into my bag, I used to love the smell of these when I was a child I can not remember the last time I saw a packet : ) (mmmmmmmmm...smelling pack as writing).
Another thing I love is using nice hooks and knitting needles, I bought some smooth rosewood knitting needles from the Little Knitting Company they have nice points and feel evenly weighted.
Needles from the Little Knitting Company
EEkk a sweetie from Brownberry Yarns
Kumihimo Braiding plate, disk & book
Lang Magic - Brownberry Yarns

Alpaca & Silk