Thursday, 22 February 2007

The London Stitch & Creative Hobby Crafts Show

I went to the The London Stitch & Creative Hobby Crafts Show at the Excel Centre today.
Got a ticket via the Internet for £7.00 (thanks to a very kind friend) and received a goody bag at the show which contained mainly food items that were very tasty (Seeds of Change organic sauces very nice) and made up for the price of the ticket and the small size of the show.

The show was so much smaller than I expected and had very little yarn or stitch related stands, I don't even buy any yarn today :( not even a magazine or book :(

There were several bead stands, which was good, I liked Totally Beads and a shop new to me, with a great range of findings at excellent prices Shop@188 :) jewellery making seems to be getting popular. And again there were lots and lots and lots....of paper crafting stands :( these shows should really rename themselves Paper craft and Hobby Shows, the stitch part is misleading.
I'll be checking out the Stitch & Craft Show at Olympia 2, Olympia , London Thursday 22nd March to Sunday 25th next :)

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