Sunday, 27 February 2011

46th Wedding Anniversary

A quick post for family and friends, my parents celebrated their 46th Wedding Anniversary this weekend. Mom had a very good day, she even walked with a little help and sat in a normal chair.

Celebrating with some cake and tea : )


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
    Hola from Spain,
    Been following your blog for several months and must say I love it. Your today's post is the prettiest of them all...
    First of all CONGRATULATIONS for your parents and to you!. Last December my parents celebrated their 53rd anniversary. They have shared so much during all these years and now when I look at them I find the same love and tenderness I see in your pics. My Mom has Dementia and Dad Parkinson's. I'm taking care of them. I'm their only daughter. It is not easy at all, but there are wonderful sweet moments. I needed a stress booster and decided to learn the art of crochet. Surfing through the web in order to learn how to crochet I found your blog.
    Thanks for sharing your art. Please keep doing so.

  2. How sweet is that - My hubby and I have been together 18 years come summer and whenever we see older couples strolling, appearing very much in love, it send a warm fuzz in my heart and we both hope one day we will be able to create that fuzz for a younger couple :) Happy Happy Anniversary to your parents and you have a very sweet blog :)

  3. Hi Nezumi! What happened to your mom? Hopefully she is doing fine right now. Congratulations on their 46th anniversary. This is cool! As we all know, not all couples nowadays stay together. Some of them got divorced and separated. I wish your parents more fruitful years and lifetime happiness.

  4. Hi Ann, thank you
    She has early on-set alzheimer's so until they come up with a cure sadly she will not get better, but she has a happy nature and is a fighter and continues to fight this illness :)

  5. Hi Nezumi,

    You are always welcome.Oh, That so sad. But I know that you and the other members of the family will always be there for her. While I'm reading your post,I remembered the novel of Nicholas Sparks,The Notebook.Thank you for sharing this. Their love story is really inspiring.

  6. Hi Hun i cant get you on phone these days i see you have your mum and dad on your blog bless them. I can remember them when i used to come round your house.I hope you are OK we must meet this year i mean it.Ive been busy doing more studies teacher training course that you told me to even do im doing it now. Boy! its tough aswell i finish it in a couple of weeks time hope i passed it.Take care hugs lizzie