Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Valentine's is in the air

I have been busy designing both knitting & crochet patterns this month (one of my new years resolutions to finish and publish the patterns, I am trying to stick to some resolutions this year) plus I have been working on some textile prints (the textile prints are still in the early stages I'll post more as they develop)

I have had a little time to play also and with valentines coming I though I'd play with making some heart pompoms using a heart pompom maker (if its a gadget I have to buy it.......) to go with some little crocheted 3D hearts & larger roses (for a necklace) I am making. Can not say my heart pompom turned out very heart shaped but that's easily solved with a scissors I'll post the finished results soon.

Keeping with the valentines theme I have also added a new chart (can also be used for any square related craft) to the Nezumiworld main site it's a filet heart bookmark make with a thin cotton thread for a bookmark or a chunky yarn for a scarf.

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