Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Arts and Crafts in the Community

I recently did a couple of taster sessions (a knitting & crochet session and a colourful felting session) for BACES with Workshop24.
Workshop24 is a wonderful project from the empty shops network it is using an empty shop as a temporary, flexible and informal space. Running a variety of projects for people in the area to take part in for free. Its so good to see something the community can take part in and get people in the area together.
In January the knitting course (at the college) had a visit by a poet Niall O’Sullivan from the southkilburnspeaks project who are also using the shop at workshop24.
He chatted to the students while they knit and crocheted about their memories of the area old and new. We all discovered lots of information about the area. He developed a poem based on this visit "Adult Education"


  1. I think it is wonderful that the community is sharing it's knowledge at no charge to the participants.

  2. I agree to what ghost said. It is good to know that the community is raising a project like this especially for those who do not have works. They will be enhanced to hone their skills and talents in this craft.